Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are important as they help to maintain the remaining natural teeth while improving appearance and eating. It is supported by the remaining natural teeth and gums.

Partial dentures can improve your self esteem and help prevent further tooth loss. It can also aid adaption to living with dentures should full arch dentures be required.

While a partial can be made on an acrylic base, a custom fitted metal framework is dramatically better for the health of your natural teeth.

Our preferred Australian chrome laboratory uses one of the most advanced equipment to scan and design the most structural yet aesthetic frameworks ensuring you have best result possible.

How it is achieved and what is involved

  • Primary impressions
  • Secondary impressions using advanced clinical impression techniques
  • Intraoral reference measurements using facebow to diagnose jaw relationship
  • Fully adjustable articulator to replicate jaw movement
  • Premium quality tooth selection
  • Injection moulded Ivocap acrylic = stronger, more precise

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