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The 7-step process of precision dentures

In order to achieve the best results, precision denture have three additional processes compared to standard denture. The 7-step process is:

  1. Primary impressions are taken of your mouth
  2. A second impression is taken with more advanced impression techniques
  3. Gothic arc tracing, which allows for accurate jaw relationship technique
  4. Intraoral reference measurements using facebow to diagnose jaw relationship
  5. To replicate jaw movement, we use a fully adjustable articulator
  6. Premium quality tooth selection
  7. Injection moulded Ivocap acrylic for strong, more precise results

Why chose precision dentures?

Unlike other types of dentures, precision denture is a system designed to replicate your natural function as closely as possible. With special materials, processing, techniques as well as clinical jaw measurements, you can rest assured that precision denture will provide you with the most comfortable removable denture solution. If you would like more information about precision denture, or to request an appointment, please contact us today.