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What happens when I lose a tooth — can I ignore it?

Missing teeth causes bone loss, and significant bone loss can cause a sunken chin and mouth. Generally, any missing tooth can have a negative effect on your quality of life. When we chew food, a healthy tooth strengthens the quality of the bone, and so when a tooth is missing the other healthy teeth tend to shift position towards the gap due to the bone loss. This may also have an impact on surrounding muscles and joints.

We recommend that you remove your dentures at night as this allows massaging of the supporting tissue and encourages a healthy blood flow to the area.

You should treat your dentures as you should your natural teeth, by brushing them regularly after eating.

Apart from daily cleaning, your dentures should be checked regularly to monitor fit and wear of your dentures, as well as the health of your mouth and supporting tissue.

There are many products available, and we can advise you on some options for effective cleaning products that break down the plaque. If your dentures are heavily stained, bleaching is not advisable.

If your own cleaning routine is unable to remove the plaque which can lead to tartar, then you may wish for us to clean your dentures professionally for you.

A reline is also part of maintaining your dentures. A reline adds new base material to the tissue side of the denture so that it fits snugly. A reline should be considered if the denture is more than four years old; if there has been loss of bone; or if there are issues with ongoing breakages.