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What are the advantages of implant retained dentures?
There are a number of advantages to choosing implant retained dentures, including the following:

  • First and foremost, the benefit of implant retained dentures is that the person achieves the ability to chew. This in turn ensures that necessary nutrition is provided to the body through food.
  • The person with implant retained dentures no longer has to compromise with ill-fitting dentures.
  • Implant retained dentures eliminate the chances of bone resorption in the jaw.
  • The treatment offers superior aesthetics and cosmetics.

Disclosure – ‘Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks.’

An invasive procedure is defined under National Law was any operation or other procedure that:

  1. penetrates or pierces the skin by any instrument other than a needle, other than minor dental or
    minor podiatric procedures, or
  2.  is an elective procedure requiring more than local anaesthetic or sedation, or
  3. requires admission to a day procedure centre (DPC) or hospital, or
  4. involves significant risk associated with surgical and/or anaesthetic complications.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a standard denture and an implant retained denture?

While a standard denture is designed to rest directly on the gums, an implant retained denture is supported by and attached to implants. Implant retained dentures are often an effective solution for patients who don’t have any remaining teeth but who do have adequate bone in the jaw to support dental implants. Standard dentures do not have the support of dentures, while implant retained dentures have specially designed pieces that attach onto implants for stability.

Yes, absolutely. Implant retained dentures can be customised for both the upper and lower jaws. They are, however, more commonly used for the lower jaw because standard dentures tend to be less stable in this area of the mouth. In many cases, standard dentures can be used without issue in the upper jaw. Your dentist will let you know which type of treatment is best for you depending on your particular needs when you come in for a consultation and assessment.

Yes, it is very important that you remove your implant retained denture every day for cleaning. Also, just as in the case of standard dentures, you should take out your implant retained denture when you go to sleep at night if you have chosen to have removeable dentures on implants. You can soak your denture overnight to ensure that they don’t dry out or lose their correct shape.

The duration of your treatment will depend on a number of factors and it is important to note that each patient is different. You can typically expect the process to take anywhere between five months to a year or more. Generally, the process requires two surgical procedures. First, the implants are placed in the jaw underneath the gums. Next, the tops of the implants are exposed around three to six months after the initial placement of the implants. If you are interested in having implant retained dentures placed, we recommend that you come in for a consultation so that you can discuss your needs. This will also give your dentist the opportunity to examine your mouth thoroughly and discuss your treatment options with you.